General Podiatry FAQs

At New Horizons Foot and Ankle Associates our mission is to get you back on your feet, pain-free, with the quality of life you deserve! Our practice philosophy takes medicine back to the “Good ole’ days” where we treat everyone like family.

During your appointment you will notice that there is no rush – we take our time to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and provide you with effective treatment options. We are available to our patients via email and phone call 24/7 for any urgent or non-urgent issues. We are here to serve you!

Podiatrists, Podiatric physicians, and Podiatric surgeons are all terms used to describe Doctors of Podiatric medicine (DPMs). All are uniquely qualified among medical professionals to treat conditions of the Foot, Ankle and Leg based on their education, training, and experience.

The specific types of surgical procedures performed by Podiatric Surgeons may vary based on each individual’s experience and personal choice within their practice. Not all Podiatrists are practicing surgeons, however they do all have surgical residency training.

Depending on the institution(s) and geographic location of their training, some Podiatrists will be more qualified based on exposure and experience than others. Some Podiatrists go further in their surgical training by doing a fellowship.

DPMs receive medical education and training comparable to Medical (Allopathic) doctors or doctors of Osteopathic medicine. This includes four years of undergraduate education and four years of graduate education at one of ten Podiatric medical colleges.

Both of our doctors received their education at Temple University in Philadelphia – widely considered one of the top schools in the country for medical training due to the demographic and geography with early onset of hands-on clinical training. Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine sets itself apart from the others with their extremely busy foot and ankle clinic where medical students begin seeing patients at the onset of their 3rd year, with clinical training starting in their 2nd year.

They are exposed to a wide range of pathology and ailments pertaining to the foot, ankle, and leg as they are guided by some of the best foot and ankle doctors in the country. They are then required to complete a Three year, hospital-based, Surgical residency program. Some Podiatric Surgeons then elect to do an additional One-year Surgical Fellowship.

On a daily basis, podiatrists treat foot, ankle, and leg conditions of patients with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, arthritis, obesity, heart disease, and peripheral arterial disease. These illnesses can lead to serious foot and ankle problems including wounds and ulcers.

With proper treatment from a podiatrist, more serious complications such as loss of limb (amputation) may be avoided.

Foot pain is never normal! If you are suffering from foot, ankle or leg pain, it is important that you see a podiatrist before the problem worsens and becomes harder to treat. Many people can try home remedies and they may work. However, lingering foot pain is a sign of a problem that must be handled by a professional.

Foot, ankle, or leg pain can develop from everyday activities or sports injuries. Other causes of pain are from too much activity, improper foot support (ie. Shoes and orthotics) and excessive weight. This can lead to heel pain and arch pain and pain in the ball of the foot or pain on the top of the foot.

Rest assured our offices at New Horizons Foot and Ankle Associates and our Podiatrists in Louisville, KY are well-equipped and highly-skilled in finding you a resolution and getting you back on your feet! Call (502) 808-3668 to make an appointment.

Within the field of podiatric medicine and surgery, podiatrists can focus on specialty areas such as surgery, sports medicine, biomechanics, geriatrics, pediatrics, orthopedics, primary care, wound care, and dermatology to name a few.

Our doctors at New Horizons Foot and Ankle Associates are well-versed, highly skilled in all aspects of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery.

Services provided by podiatrists are usually covered by health insurance plans and most podiatrists participate in private and public health insurance plans. However, not all podiatrists accept all insurance plans.

To find out if your health insurance plan is accepted, contact the podiatrist’s office in advance. Also, check with your health insurance company regarding the foot and ankle services covered under your plan. New Horizons Foot and Ankle Associates actively participates in all major insurance plans including Medicare, Medicaid KY, Anthem, Cigna, Aetna, Passport, BCBS, Multiplan, UHC and more.

To find out if we are in-network with your plan call our office at (502) 808-3668 and a team member will be happy to answer your questions.

You should call our Podiatrists in Louisville, KY when you notice something is not “normal” for you. This could be pain, swelling, a suspicious lesion, a sore, possible fracture, or anything else that you feel is creating “doubt” in your mind.

Patients with diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, circulation issues, or other health problems should consult a foot doctor in Louisville, KY sooner than later. Also, keep in mind that sometimes certain ailments may not impact lifestyle, however, if you notice something different with your feet, ankles, or legs – call our office at (502) 808-3668 and get appointed.

If in doubt, have it evaluated and treated to avoid long term problems.

Typically, heel pain is not caused from one single incident or injury. Repetitive stress, pounding, wear-and-tear at the heel can cause heel pain. The heel typically serves as a nice “shock absorber” and over time, or due to high impact activities, this “shock absorber” can wear down and cause pain.

Common symptoms will include pain with first step out of bed in the morning, or after getting up from a seated position after some time. Other common causes for heel pain can include: inflammation of the plantar fascia, inflammation of the back of the heel, inflammation of the heel pad, progressive degeneration of the Achilles tendon, or a stress fracture which could be caused by repetitive stress to the heel. Therefore, it is important to not assume you “just” have heel pain – as it could be a much more serious issue.

Our offices at New Horizons Foot and Ankle Associates are equipped with state-of-the-art modern imaging technology including digital x-ray and diagnostic ultrasound. Call our Podiatrists in Louisville, KY today to make your appointment at (502) 808-3668.

Orthotics are custom foot supports that replace the over the counter supports that come in shoes you buy off the shelf at the store. These are designed to hug your foot more efficiently than over the counter products to significantly aid in balancing the biomechanical inadequacies of your feet and legs.

Basically, a custom orthotic is designed to your feet for optimal alignment and offloading to support your unique foot type. The long term benefits of CMOs result in overall better quality of life and less negative impact to activities you want to do. At New Horizons Foot and Ankle Associates, we use state-of-the-art 3D scanning technology to capture every detail of your feet, along with a thorough 30-point biomechanical evaluation, and 45-minute consultation with certified pedorthists to make sure we get the perfect orthotic for you!

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You may have an infected ingrown toenail if there are any signs of redness, swelling, pain, and drainage such as puss coming from the area. If you notice any of these symptoms contact our Podiatrists in Louisville, KY at (502) 808-3668 for an immediate appointment.

We also offer early morning and late evening appointments to accommodate our patients busy schedules.

Plantar Warts FAQs

Plantar warts are typically a result of the human papillomavirus, also known as HPV. Since they are highly contagious, many people will suffer from warts after walking barefoot in places like a hotels, tanning salons, public restroom, locker room or at the swimming pool.

A plantar wart is a virus, therefore it acts like one. It can adapt, assimilate, replicate and more. That is why you may notice that what started as one small “lesion” can turn into a bigger one, or many lesions.

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These warts are typically round in shape, hard, can be a variety of colors and are grainy. They can range from being small in size to rather large. Often times, if you look closely enough, you will see little “black or red dots” within the wart.

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These warts are typically going to be found on a person’s heels, between the toes, on the side of the big toe, or the balls of their feet, though some people will also get them on their hands.

Virtually anyone can get a wart. However, warts are most common in people between the ages of 6 and 40.

Below the surface of the skin, the virus will infect the skin cells, leading to the creation of a wart at the surface. This is why when one removes or pulls a wart out, it typically leaves a large hole in the skin. They can be rather deep depending on how severe the skin infection is.

At New Horizons Foot and Ankle Associates in Louisville, KY we offer several treatment options to rid you of plantar warts. Our wart specialist is nationally-ranked to have one of the highest success rates in successfully treating patients with both simple warts to complex warts. In fact, we are a highly referred to practice by other doctors including dermatologists and other podiatrists.

Call our highly-skilled, award-winning plantar wart specialists in Louisville, KY today at (502) 808-3668 to make your appointment.

There are several treatments that patients can try. At home, many people will try to cut them away but this can be dangerous and lead to the infection spreading. Also, trying to cut warts away without help can cause a lot of bleeding, which can also be dangerous. We advise against this method.

Anyone looking to treat a wart at home should try over-the-counter medication instead. These may include placing a medicated bandage on top of the wart. Sometimes, this can cause the wart to go away, though it is not effective for everyone.

One of the other methods for removing a wart using a freezing technique called cryotherapy or cryosurgery. Although there are some over-the-counter solutions for this, they do not reach the clinical efficacy ratings as the higher-end technology utilized by our office. We also offer other treatment options such as acid treatments, laser ablation, surgical excision, and state-of-the-art microwave therapy. Call our highly-skilled, award-winning plantar wart specialists in Louisville, KY today at (502) 808-3668 to make your appointment

Immediately. It is critical that anyone who is suffering from warts get help right away. These are highly infectious and will spread. The best way to prevent this is to visit our office immediately so that we can eliminate the wart before it leads to severe discomfort or multiplication.

We offer the widest range of treatment options in Kentucky, with outstanding success rate of over 98.9% (as of 7/23/23). Call our highly-skilled, award-winning plantar wart specialists in Louisville, KY today at (502) 808-3668 to make your appointment.