Microwave Wart Laser Therapy

Treat & Eliminate Plantar Warts

Finally, warts can now be treated in a completely different way.

We are excited to announce that New Horizons Foot and Ankle Associates has invested in an innovative new Swift® System for the effective treatment of stubborn Plantar Warts. This industry leading, evidence-based technology is now available to our patients.

Warts can now be treated in a completely different way… a way that has led to permanent elimination of persistent, pesky, painful plantar warts using immunotherapy.

  • No more bandages!
  • No more at-home care!
  • No more post-treatment pain!
  • No more putting your life on hold!

Historically warts were treated by destroying the infected tissue, using acids, topicals, freezing, injecting, or by surgically cutting out the lesions. Now, with Swift® Therapy, we are able to treat them from the inside out. Using FDA-Cleared microwave technology, the treatment stimulates your body’s own immune system to identify, attack, and destroy the infected tissue on a cellular level.

How Does The Treatment Work?

Warts can be unsightly and painful, especially on the bottom of the feet. They are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). The challenge in treating warts has historically been balancing the need to target the therapy deep enough to reach the infected tissue while limiting the destruction of healthy uninfected tissue.

Our treatment delivers a precise, highly controlled dose of microwaves that works within a pre-determined field – and no deeper. Water molecules within the infected tissue begin colliding and creating localized heat energy. This happens in milliseconds. It’s so quick that many patients don’t even realize it has happened before the treatment is done.

This quick, controlled, high-dose of energy then triggers a natural response within the body that essentially “uncloaks” the HPV Virus. Now exposed, the body’s immune system can “see,” attack, and kill the virus; thus ridding you of the warts!

Want To See Our Results?

All images below are of actual patients treated by Dr. Patel in Louisville, KY

Patient M.P.


Patient K.G.


Patient G.G.


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Patient L.C.


Frequently Asked Questions

Most patients report a sudden warm sensation that is very fleeting – just as soon as it’s registered, it’s gone and there is no residual or lasting pain after deliverance.

No! Unlike all other forms of wart treatment, there are no painful debridements, no skin scrapings, no needling, and no bloody mess. Your doctor may shave down the top layer, similar to a callus, which will not cause pain prior to treatment.

There are no bandages, no topical medications, and nothing for you to do until your follow-up appointment.

There is no set answer to this question because it varies from patient to patient, depending on the size, location on the foot, and age of the wart. On average, most people see a complete resolution of the wart in 4-5 sessions or less, conducted every 30 days. In children, it can be faster due to their stronger immune response.

Unfortunately, the treatment is not covered by insurance plans at this time. However, we do offer an affordable price to cover the span of treatments, with special promotions being offered from time-to-time (check with our office).

With most insurance-covered services for warts, there is high reoccurrence rate – whereas with Swift there is less than 1% chance of reoccurrence!

The major difference is the immune based resolution of the warts. However, there are several reasons why Microwave Therapy is leading the way for complete, and often permanent, resolution from plantar warts. In traditional treatments, the doctor is treating each individual lesion, which can have mixed results as warts are viral in nature, meaning they can evolve and adapt.

The destruction of each individual lesion in traditional therapy would require many more frequent visits, can be painful, often require at-home care, and may not resolve the issue permanently. This can lead to more aggressive reoccurrence and multiplication of the warts.

Absolutely! We offer the full-spectrum of available, clinically researched, treatment options for combating plantar warts. Your doctor will present you with all of your options – while providing recommendations based on the length of time, severity, and your goals for cure.

These treatment options include insurance-covered services such as acid treatments, cryosurgery, laser ablation, excisional surgery and more!